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Thank you for joining us for the next Head Up The Creek Rowing Regatta on

Sunday October 31st, 2021

2019 Head Up The Creek Results are here. Photos 

2021 Registration and information is available from Regatta Central.

The predictive times for this year's overall champion have been changed to reflect the Rowing Canada Aviron Gold Medal Predictive Times, and leverage the RCA based age handicapping to account for differences in age, boat type and gender, as well as how long it takes to change your boat's direction as the course isn't straight. Please understand that this ratio, like a fine wine, will improve with time and training. By entering the regatta, you agree that the ratio is fair and equitable and may not submit appeals or objections based on it or its calculations. And people are likely to take your picture.

COVID-19 Statement

The Regatta Organizers would like to remind everyone involved that participation in the Head Up The Creek regatta (being held on October 31st, 2021) is optional.

In support of harm reduction goals laid out in the BC Provincial Health Orders that will come into effect in the middle of October, all competitors, coaches, volunteers and participant supporters for the Head Up The Creek Regatta are expected to be fully vaccinated with respect to Covid-19.

It is expected that when each club notifies their membership of the regatta details that they then also notify potential participants of this requirement in advance (amongst other regatta details) and that those that participate will comply with our vaccination expectation.

During the registration for the regatta, each clubs registrar(s) of entries will be asked to certify that all participants have been made aware that they may only be entered into the regatta if they are fully vaccinated.

In the event that the organizers cannot provide assurances to our volunteers and participants that the event will be held safely for this or any reason, the regatta will be cancelled and to the extent possible, fees will be refunded.


Expected Questions:

Is the club registrar responsible for making sure that those being registered are fully vaccinated?

  • No: the registrar is only confirming that the participants have been told that they need to be fully vaccinated prior to registration.

Are we putting people in a position to disclose their vaccination status?

  • In that the people being registered will therefore be considered vaccinated, yes.

What about people that do not attend?

  • There are lots of rowers that will not be attending the Head Up The Creek. Of the several thousand people who could potentially come to our regatta but choose not to, many if not most will be fully vaccinated non-attendance is not a sign of vaccination status. Providing notice far enough in advance allows those that do not wish to declare their vaccination status, or for various reasons are not fully vaccinated to remain anonymous by not committing to a crew that expects to participate in the regatta.

I do not agree with how this is being handled.

  • Public Health is a matter of balancing the obligations of an individual towards that society versus the rights of an individual within that society. You have the right to disagree, but this is our decision and as mentioned, attending the regatta is optional.

What if I lie about being vaccinated?

  • Please dont. Those of you that are vaccinated are less likely to be hospitalized or die in the event that you become infected. With rapidly spreading variants, it is likely that infection rates for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people will increase. If you are unvaccinated, you have a higher likelihood of being hospitalized or dying if you contract COVID-19. This vaccination obligation is to protect those people: vaccination is very effective against reducing symptoms while preventative quarantining is extremely effective at reducing transmission.

Is there anything else I should know?

  • Bringing about this expectation and confirmation also provides comfort to the many volunteers who put on this event, including medical first response, on water safety and the others who make this possible.

This message is also being published on Regatta Central https://www.regattacentral.com/regatta/?section=overview&job_id=7189, and on our electronic and social media pages.


The 2019 City of Vancouver Rowing Champion: Loraine McCulloch

  • Only at False Creek Rowing Club's HEAD UP THE CREEK REGATTA can you be the City of Vancouver Rowing Champion!  
  • This is the crew with the highest efficiency ratio (predicted time divided by their actual time).
  • Winners are awarded endless happiness, their names added to the perpetual trophy and of course, you and the category winners receive a yummy cake.  

Directions getting to the regatta:

Wondering how to drive your trailer here? After turning west onto Cornwall from Burrard, turn north onto Chestnut (best), Cypress (take it slow) or Arbutus (not as much fun). Don't miss those right turns or you are going to be in a hard spot trying to negotiate the left turn at Macdonald.

YouTube videos showing the route from Burrard Street to the launch point are here:

Overnight Security:

We will not be providing overnight security unless out of town teams request it before October 1st.

Tide Information:


The tide will affect your times, but so will the wind, weather and a host of other things. Looking at the results in past years, your technique, fitness and experience will make a bigger difference. 

2019 Results

2018 Results Can be found here and on Regatta Central

2017 Results Can be found on Regatta Central.

2016 Results 

2015 ResultsFinish Order Results Efficiency Results ​Category Results






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