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About the False Creek Rowing Club


Constitution & Bylaws 2011-09-21

Rules and Regulations of the FCRC.

Strategic Direction Documentation.

Where Are We At?

At the present time, we have space equivalent to 2 shell bays at the Burrard Civic Marina. We have a growing number of boats available for members and we offer storage for a limited number of private boats upon application. 

Where Can I Take Rowing Lessons?

For those of you wishing to learn to row, we have developed a program to teach you to row based on the best of Rowing Canada Aviron, Rowing BC and other course materials. Please see our lessons page for more details.

Our Fleet of Boats

The following are boats owned by FCRC and are available for member use either privately or in lessons: 

  • 2 - Midweight Singles - Pocock, Rory
  • 1 - Heavyweight Single - Diximark
  • 2 - Heavyweight Doubles 
  • 1 - Quad
  • 2 - Coxed Quad/4+
  • 2 - 8+
  • 2 other boats that need a lot of care to be operational.

*We are excited to announce that FCRC has been awarded a group of boats from the Rowing Canada Aviron recreational fleet. The lending of these boats to our club will be invaluable for our new rowers and those who want stability out on the water. We are currently organizing for the arrival of:

  • 1 - Maas 1X 
  • 1 - Edon 1X with pontoons


Experienced Rowers

Experienced rowers can use our fleet of boats and go rowing on the Creek in a self organized bunch and either go out in English Bay if its calm, or into False Creek if it's not. Some of us have an interest in competing and others are just happy rowing recreationally.

Currently we host a (mostly) weekly Saturday 9am row that is supervised by a safety boat + driver. Email questions@falscreekrowing.ca for more information or to check in for a Saturday a.m. row. 

We row into the light: it could be a little dark when we start, but the sun will come up as time goes on. We don't want people rowing after sunset for obvious safety reasons! We strongly encourage wearing bright colours to help everyone see you - those fluorescent yellows and oranges tops are perfect.

New Rowers

We offer rowing lessons on a regular basis between late Spring and early Fall. Please see our PROGRAMS page for more information. 

What False Creek Rowing Club is About

For everyone who signs up for our membership, you will be asked to sign our Code of Conduct and it is as follows:

Be Safe

Be Welcoming

Be Respectful

We respect other people involved in the sport. We respect those who will be faster or slower than us. We are considerate and thoughtful in how we treat others. This respect carries on to where we live and where we row: help your teammates on and off the water, welcome any new face you see and offer to row together, keep the boats clean, turn off the water to the hose as soon as you can, help keep False Creek improving environmentally, and prevent boats (and people) from getting damaged. Simply put: we want to treat people who come to FCRC as you would wish to be treated.

Give Back and Volunteer

We have changed a patch of asphalt into a boathouse and community: we have the boats, oars, coach boat, lockers, engine, and all the other gear that we need to run a rowing club. The next thing we need is you and your help to help grow FCRC into the welcoming rowing community that we envision. If you have a skill set or some time that  we can use, we would be happy to hear from you. 


False Creek is a busy waterway at times, particularly during the summer. Safety is more important than luck. At some point you will need to review the Rowing Canada safety video posted here: http://rowingcanada.org/rca-safety-video 

Area Rowing Clubs 

Additionally, there are several clubs in the vicinity that offer Learn To Row lessons:


FCRC Mailing Address:  PO Box 48626  |  STN Bentall CTR  |  Vancouver, BC  |  V7X 1A3

Boathouse Address: note - mail is not accepted at this locationUnit 159 - 1655 Whyte Ave  |  Vancouver, BC  |  V6J 1A9

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